Teaching the essence of life

Yellow Swallowtail ButterflyPlanet Earth is the source of everything required for life and all we produce as a species. Failing to understand its systems and the biotic and abiotic elements found upon it denies all the ability to live a complete and wise life. When we turn our senses in the direction of the natural world, we can begin to understand both the joys and sorrows we are bound to face, resulting in a more balanced, equitable and sustainable existence for all species who dwell on this "blue marble."

Program Highlights

Herbal SyrupsHomesteading Skills

We've developed a series of programs focusing on self-sufficiency, simplicity and sustainable living. These valuable skills benefit the environment and foster self-confidence.

EchinaceaInterpretive Work
The backbone of our work is in the continual exploration of natural habitats. We've a number of programs that allow us to delve deeply into the world around us and appreciate the wonders therein.


Cades Cove
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